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Simple House

This is one of my house designs, simple and accommodating, with a unified kitchen and living area this design will entertain family and friends and more. 

You will find it easy to navigate and maintain and with small luxury touches will be a pleasant place to live. 

Kitchen Design

Open-plan Kitchen Designs  


Specializing in brainstorming effective open-plan kitchen design. 



Remodel In the Netherlands

I was involved in the initial stages of a remodel of a small house in the Netherlands. Needing a drastic interior upgrade with a minimal exterior upgrade and nestled on two sides by an enormous flower greenhouse.

This is an example of a past project where we worked entirely remotely to accomplish the clients demands.

Expo Stand

A small exhibition stand for a LED Lighting supplier. 


Remote Project.



Dental Expo Stand

An exhibition stand for a Dental Equipment Supplier. 

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